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Why did we rebrand? An Introduction

Sep 16, 2022


You might have seen that we've changed our name from Cachet Stamps to Stamps and More.  Why you ask?

After purchasing the business in late January 2022, which was predominantly a stamp business with some laser cut and engraved products on offer, I quickly realised that the business was evolving to be "more" than just stamps.  As such I wanted that to be reflected in the name of the business, hence the name "Stamps and More" was a natural choice.  With "stamps" being the core of the business, it was important to me that this was retained.  

As with all good things, change takes time and is an evolving process every day! Even now, the actual website URL still hasn't been fully migrated to the new one - which is why you'll still see Cachet Stamps, when you in fact searched for Stamps and More - we can't rush these things, can we?

What rebranding has meant to me

While I loved the name Cachet Stamps (and still use this name for my large corporate customers), I wanted something fresh and new for the next part of my career journey.   It has given me the sense of ownership that simply operating the machinery couldn't have given me.  It's made me push harder every day to retain the success built up by the previous owners and go further, much further, than I ever dreamed of at the beginning of this year.   It gave me the excuse I needed to buy the new equipment needed to produce more products! LOL

What do Stamps and More offer?

With nearly nine months having passed since the purchase of the business, there has been lots of learning, testing, A LOT of YouTube viewing, product development, more testing, and a whole lot of fun!  As a result, the product range has grown hugely to encompass custom gifts as well as the core of the business, the stamps!  

We offer a bespoke service, one where we'll work with you to create that perfect gift for that special person or that unique stamp for business or personal use.   We have a catalog of some of the products we've produced so you can see what is achievable - be sure to check out the images in our Gallery.


Some of our products on offer are;

    Will I stop there?  Absolutely not!   Every day there are new ideas and plans to bring new products to life (that's where the fun comes into it!).  

    My biggest thrill is finishing a job, packaging it up, then getting the feedback from the recipient when it's arrived and how much they love it! ♥

    I look forward to sharing this journey with you all - Anna


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